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All the purchases you made so far are bringing you closer to not just financial freedom, but also more ease and automation than ever and a revolutionary change in your marketing.
In fact, in a few moments you’ll be crushing it by getting more leads, traffic, sales engagement and rankings thanks to swypifying your business!

However I want to offer you this optional but AMAZING addon that works perfectly with Swypio and MOBILE TRAFFIC.
Did You Know That A MOBILE Responsive Site IS NOT Enough?
Yes, you heard right, the whole reason we created Swypio is to truly tap into all of that modern traffic and engagement goodness that mobile apps and being mobile friendly has to offer.

However, when you build or promote sites of any sort, turning your Wordpress or html site into a mobile responsive site is not enough.
That’s Because These Sites Are Not Created For MOBILE First, Mobile Is The Secondary Market,
The issue with that is that while your site is perfectly designed for desktop, the actual mobile responsiveness is being edited and optimized afterwards.

Which means every change to the site, every move, every code, will always interfere with the mobile version, creating all sorts of complications that are harmful to your success.
Here Are 3 Main Complications That Happen Every Day To Your Sites That HURT Your Business CRITICALLY:
Complication #1 
Slow Loading Sites 
(10+ Seconds VS 2.8 For MobileFirst Sites)

First off all, the average loading time for a Wordpress site, and what is considered optimal for a Wordpress site is 11 seconds.

In FACT, I sent a message to my hosting for one of my blogs to discuss the improvement of the speed of my very heavy and busy Wordpress blog, and they said that the optimal time is 11 seconds and that I should be satisfied with the 8 seconds it took my site to load.


If the attention span of a person is just a few seconds, how the hell can you say 8-11 seconds is GOOD?!

However that is just the first complication you have with a non mobile first website.

Complication #2 
Constant & Sudden Drop In Rankings 
The second complication that is impossible to avoid especially now, is how search engines view and promote you on their platform.

Your rankings will instantly drop, mainly due to slow website speed and lack of mobile optimization.

The amount of work you will need to put to get your rankings back up is borderline abusive, and it’s also very expensive.

And the sad thing is that the quickest fix to your rankings is to simply use mobile first sites, which are built for mobile first and computers second!

Complication #3
Over Half Your Traffic Is MOBILE 
Understand, we are at times where mobile is about to reach 50% of global traffic, which is why Swypio is so critical.

However, what is also critical, is your site site tends to these people FIRST and then to computers, and as time will pass, it’ll get more and more dire, and you will lose more and more money.

And your brand will be hurt as well.

Now is pretty late to have a mobile first site, but better sooner than later, because the more time will pass, the more your traffic will be used to mobile smoothness which you have failed to offer so far.

So the solution is of course, our
Mobile First Site Builder
Time To Build Lightweight, Smooth, High Ranking & Fully Responsive Sites With Drag & Drop Ease!
Swypio’s Own & Highly Advanced 
Mobile First Site Builder
Here are some INSTANT Benefits which you’ll experience after getting Swypio Lightweight:
Instant Benefit #1
Fastest Loading Site Type For Mobile - MORE Customer & Visitor Satisfaction - MORE PROFITS!
When your site loads in 2-3 seconds, is impeccable for mobile experience AND has game changing swipe cards, you WIN the internet.

The benefits are instant, first of all, you get more customer and visitor satisfaction.

People will remember their experience with you, they’ll buy more, they’ll engage more with your site, they’ll visit more pages, they’ll spend more time with you and your brand.
Instant Benefit #2
Get Crazy Rankings Naturally Because Google PREFERS MobileFirst Sites
These days it’s WELL known that Mobile First sites rank higher on Google than Wordpress or html basic sites.

That is mainly because of site loading speed and positive user experience.

So the minute you start turning your sites into Mobile First, you will see an increase in rankings thanks to positive signals sent to Google's auto-website-crawler bots that they use to determine how quality your site is and how well it should rank.

The improvement will be very fast.
Instant Benefit #3
Create Profitable Lightweight minimalistic sites MUCH FASTER!
Another benefit of Mobile First sites with OUR builder is that we keep it simple and quick, you can quickly design a stunning and professional + engaging site in MINUTES with zero previous experience.

These lightweight sites load faster than anything else and you can have one up and running in minutes.

This really is the perfect addon for Swypio.
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All the best,
Tom & Gaurab & Kayd
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